Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Nectresse no calorie sweetener

I was able to try Nectresse no calorie sweetener through a Smiley mission and I'm so happy I did. Nectresse is a very good no calorie sweetener that tastes great and is very sugar like in its taste .

I drink a whole lot of tea and its getting so I'm just getting to much sugar everyday and my weight is showing it. I use to just burn sugar but now that I'm 52 its not so easy. Having about 20 cups of tea a day with 2 teaspoons of sugar in each has made me start looking for a lower calorie alternative.

Nectresse no calorie sweetener in my Tea tastes great and I dont get an after taste with it. its 100% natural and better for you than some other old fashioned sweeteners. One packet is the same as 2 teaspoons of sugar and its really accurate in taste. I rally like the flavor, its a really great sugar substitute.

Since this is really new I thought I would do a short video review so you can see what the package looks like. The next time your looking for a great sugar sub I hope you try Nectresse no calorie sweetener .


  1. Is made with corn syrup and molasses and very little monk fruit. Do a more thorough search and review. Splenda was made with chlorinated sugar and consumption can result in some health problems. This is why the interest in Stevia.

    1. STEVIA STINKS!!!!!! Has a horrible after taste! I just bought and tasted Nectresse, it tasted fine! I also checked the ingredients! It has a blend whichincludes some sugars and monk friut!