Friday, August 3, 2012

Bare Fruit Apple Chips Review

I was able to try Bare fruit cinnamon apple chips recently and I want to tell you all about them. Bear Fruit sent me a really awesome 14 oz bag to try for myself and here is what I found out about them.

First these are 100% organic, each bag of 14 oz had about 30 apples in it . these are baked dried and very full of flavor. I also really liked that you can get them in a bigger bag than normal apple chips which is great because my daughters eat these like candy.

Bare Fruit apple chips are very healthy and make for a wonderful crunchy snack and my girls love to eat these while watching a movie.

The Bare Fruit company makes a lot of really wholesome snacks always fresh and always delicious. you can buy these on amazon for 9.99 a 14oz bag that's resealable so the chips stay fresh and crunchy.

I liked these so much, that I did a video review for you so you can see the bag and what the chips looks like. My daughters said that these are the most flavorful apple chips they have ever had. My daughter will buy other brands from the grocery store but after trying these they said that the Bare Fruit chips have so much more an apple flavor, I agree I love the full flavor of each of them.

Here is the video review I did for them I hope you have a look at it.

You can find Bare fruit on facebook here Bare Fruit facebook

and you can find out more info on the website here Bare Fruit Snacks

Find them on amazon here
Thanks for looking at my review :) .

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