Friday, August 10, 2012

Selling on Yardseller a review

With The husband very sick, and not able to work I find the necessities of life becoming an issue money wise, So I decided to sell some stuff on Yardseller
A new place to sell stuff you have around the house you cant use or that would give you some cash to buy food with :) I also got really fed up with ebay. I use to love ebay but with really high overhead dealing with them its just so hard to make any money and I really need the money as food is becoming an issue around here.

I was also really unhappy with the buyers getting all the klout and the sellers who Pay to list things getting mostly the shaft. I was so happy I found Yardseller
I was a little wary about it and how it worked. Anyway I thought I would give it a shot mostly because its FREE to BUY and SELL on Yardseller
so I had nothing much to loose.

This is not an auction you put up stuff and sell it for the price you want to. I was able to sell some cosmetics and makeup I had here that was just not right for me and got a nice price for them way more than I would have gotten on ebay because competition is simply to high.

with millions of people selling on ebay its really hard to get things noticed so this was a plus in the Yardseller
column because its not yet as big as ebay is. The best part is their is no paying to list , no more nickle and dimming me to death. you can add as many pictures you want of your items too.

The draw backs-

its not as large a market so thing take longer to sell

you have to ship the item before you get paid for it. This means you will have to input a delivery confirmation number right away if you are getting paid by pay pal BUT its really just held by Yardseller the person buying pays right away to Yardseller than they will pay you from their account so you dont have to worry the money is not going to be sent .

This was a surprise to me I had sold my item on a Saturday and was getting a notice that if I did not in put a confirmation number it would be canceled. So I weighed my item and printed the label and sent it Priority so the confirm would be free. Once I put in the number in I than received my payment in 4 days. Not the fastest system but better than nothing .

The good things-

GETS THE MONEY FROM THE BUYER AND THAN HOLDS IT UNTIL YOU SHIP THE ITEM. THIS WAY THE BUYER AND SELLER ARE PROTECTED IN A NICE WAY. ITS FREE that's good enough for me you don't have to watch it if you sell something they will let you know . you can get paid by pay pal. direct deposit or a check (1.00 charge will be deducted ) if you want to check it out here is a link for you . this should take you to the main buy stuff page you will have to make an account if you want to sell but its too easy to do. Yardseller
thanks for reading

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