Wednesday, August 22, 2012

God is more than enough by Tony Evans review

I was provided a copy of God is more than enough by Tony Evans through Blogging for books. I just finished it its a really good study on the 23rd Psalm. I found it to be inspirational and very uplifting . I have read other books on this topic and I put this one in my top favorites.

Tony Evans is able to take us step by stem through this wonderful Psalm with wisdom and sound biblical teaching. Its a really small book and would make for a great gift for anyone. Its very portable and can be kept in a purse or book bag easily . Its 90 pgs long but each page is packed with useful information we can all use daily.

I would really consider giving this book as a gift, to anyone who loves Psalm 23 as I do or to anyone on your list to give a great book to . Because of its size its less intimidating to people who do not read a lot and have trouble getting through larger commentary's or book like this. I was very happy I got to read it and have it in my library forever. This is the kind of book that's meant to re-read again and again. This would be awesome for a teen to read because it will not cause them to be overwhelmed by lots of pages but rather give them sound teaching combined with easy reading.

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