Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fully Alive by Ken Davis review

I was able to read Fully Alive by Ken Davis through book sneeze. I thought this book to be a high value Christ centered motivational book . This book takes you through all the many reasons why Ken Davis felt improvements were needed in his life so that he could live Fully Alive. I thought the book really great for motivating anyone who is unsatisfied with the're lives they way they are going and it shows us step by step how to regain what we lost.

Each chapter is great and you will learn a new strategy with every page. I think that this book would make for an awesome gift for Christians and non Christian's alike because it does not come off as preachy and is strong on motivation and will not read like a church sermon.

Fully Alive by Ken Davis is very Christ centered and its got so much helpful advice on how to get going and reclaim your life so you can feel fully alive. There is motivation for just about everything from loosing weigh , getting older, loss of spirit and depression and a whole lot more. I recommend this book to anyone suffering in a rut or the blahs ,its filled with humor and will lift your spirits just buy reading it.

Recently I started thinking along the same lines and Ken and implemented my own changes toward health and joy I am more centered in my walk with Christ and had I read this book than my journey would have been easier. If you are looking to make changes in your life for what ever reason I think this would be a great book for you to read or even give as a gift to a loved one who could use the encouragement. I love the way its written for everyone but with a solid foundation of faith and belief that in Christ all thing are possible.

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