Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sharing my favorite thing for @SocialInsiders #SocialSummer

Sharing my favorite thing for @SocialInsiders #SocialSummer summer blogging challenge, I think I will have to say that the latest thing I really love is my hand vacuum its a Black and Decker.

I have had many a hand vac in my day but this one has everything. Great suction and very cool tools a flip up brush and an extendable nozzle.

I have a dog that really like his treats yet that means a whole bunch of treat peaces are literally all over the house. I hate dragging out the big vacuum to get up these small bits of dog treats and its been a lot easier to just grab the hand vac off the really cool charger and quickly sweep up those particles.

This vac not only cleans so well it also looks great doing it, and with the longer nozzle I can get into really small corners and be done in a flash . I love it and it makes cleaning up after Tucker so much nicer.

This all being said Tucker hates my Vac and has tried to bite it several times , he know when I get that out its last call for any dog treats he has left behind :)

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