Sunday, June 1, 2014

Alligator Farm, Saint Augustine, Florida Review and Vdeos #stauggatorfarm

I went to the Saint Augustine alligator farm this weekend so I thought I would post up some of the really cool animals I saw. I took a few video but my camera had a fit and I did not know how to fix it untill we had been there a while.

I finely got it re-set and was able to take a few pictures and most importantly video.

If you ever visit Saint Augustine Florida and want to see some really awesome wild life I hope you visit. I have lived in st aug for a long time but never played the tourist and went to this attraction. Its really a great way to spend an afternoon their is way more to see than I thought.

Ill just let the photos and video show you this attraction. Thanks for looking :)

I will stagger the videos with pictures because its taking a long time to upload a few short videos.

Albino alligator

King Cobra photo

Baby alligators in their special pond

Komoto Dragon photo film to follow

This park also has sooo many different kinds of birds. Some are part of the zoo and in cages but their are 1000s of local birds nesting in the trees. Its so Loud but so cool as well.

They also have a bunch of Crocodiles in this park some very rare

These guys are just Chilling in the hot sun

Here is a cool bird photo so you dont get board LOL

Dragon Video

Here is a fast video of some birds making nests and having baby's.

Here are some Gators playing in the water.

This is a video of a pretty bird fluffing its feathers

Other photos

Some cool birds

Thanks for looking! I may be able to have other photos I took when my video cam had a fit and stopped working so keep checking for them soon :) The Saint Augustine Alligator farm is located 999 Anastasia Blvd Saint Augustine fl - phone is 904-824.3337

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