Thursday, June 5, 2014

My latest great Buys from ThredUp photos

I thought I would post up some photos of the latest things I bought from ThredUp

I got a whole lot of really nice summer and winter sweaters. here is a list of them and some stuff about them

J.Crew Pullover sweater in navy and white (sorry my pictures are not as good as they should be but the lighting in this house is bad) I paid 13.99

Lauren Michelle Cardigan so pretty for summer- paid 10.49

Lauren By Ralph Lauren Pink pull over sweater Paid-13.49

Ann Taylor Pullover Sweater- 10.99

Now this Sweater is really so much nice than the photo its a forest green and so soft. Merona Pullover Sweater paid -4.99

I got some more items but the photos just looked bad and I did not want you to think the items were bad, its just this house has no good lighting and my camera has no flash . thanks for looking and be sure to stop by ThredUp
to find really nice shoes ,handbags and all kinds of womans and childrens clothing

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