Monday, May 9, 2011

Written Review For Purex Crystals Fabric Softener

As most of you know I did a video review for purex Crystals for the insiders group but apparently they would rather have a written review :( . so here is my written review for Purex Crystals and I'm embedding the video to because its a nice one and came out well .

I received purex crystals fabric softener through the purex insiders group .

I really love it for many reasons

1-you can put it directly in the wash , by doing this you don't have to worry about forgetting the fabric softener or dryer sheet .

2 It really smells wonderful and makes all the laundry smell terrific for long after they have been washed .

3-Purex Crystals dose not coat the towels or sports wear with so much softener that they stop being absorbent . I use a lot of wicking wear for PJS so that if I get the night sweats they do their job by absorbing sweat so I stay dry and comfy . also Towels are way more absorbent and dry hair quicker and sports wear also is able to do its job better than with conventional fabric softener .

4 - purex crystals work well for static cling and I had no problems with that using it .

5 it really easy to use and less messy than liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets that seem to be everywhere and turn up like bad pennies lol .

I really liked everything about Purex Crystals , its a very innovative product and the next generation of products for keeping laundry soft and static free . I cover all these points in the video review below , thanks so much for reading and those of you who commented on my video review thank you and thank you for stopping buy this written review.

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