Friday, May 27, 2011

Book Review Sending Rupert Home By Tracy Fabre

I received a copy of Sending Rupert Home by Tracy Fabre through a gather chat .
I really loved this book , first everyone Knows I love a good ghost story and this one did not disappoint , it was funny and romantic as 2 people barely acquainted, find themselves haunted by the dashing professor Rupert Arbery.

Just what Happened to Rupert ? He was so charming and full of life ,loved by many many women, how could this have happen ? why did his car go off the cliff ? And just why was he talking to Leanne and Noah in the library when he was already dead . questions, question and hilarious answers .

 This is a lighthearted mystery, where the deceased needs to find out what he needs to do before moving on to the great beyond and choosing Leanne and Noah to help him do it . Problem is, Rupert's memory is not so good anymore, him being dead and all ,so he can't really help Leann and Noah solve the mystery of his death and just why he's hanging around .Apparently he is only allowed to remember so much from his earthly existence and is not to much help at all .

so Leanne and Noah try there best to discover these things and also discover that they are becoming romantically involved . The problem with that is, they both have romantic tragedies in their past and having a annoying ghost pop in unexpectedly is not helping them work through it .

One of the big reasons I loved this story was because of the humour and believable characters .Between Rupert's whit and Leann and Noah's annoyance with him its just so much fun to read . Many times ghost stories are sad and heaven know the reason I stopped watching ghost whisperer was because I just could not stand anymore of her weeping .

Sending Rupert Home offers the reader a good time, a well planed mystery, and loads of laughs . In my opinion an, very refreshing change .

Thank you for reading my review :)


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