Thursday, May 19, 2011

Free Stuff I have gotten so far in the Month of May

I was going to wait till the end of may to post this but it looks like Ive got in a bunch so If I get more in before the 30th Ill post a different post than . My mail has been slow this week but I am expecting a few things Ill let you know what they are on the bottom of this post .

Gather was nice enough to send me the books I had won in April of 2010 and never received .Chuck worked tirelessly to get these to me they are

This ones mine By Maria Semple

Slip of the knife -by Denise Mina

Apologize Apologize -by Elizabeth Kelly

Laura Riders Masterpiece By Jane Hamilton

The girl she use to be -BY David Cristofano


Other stuff I got in in May so far

May 1st -13.oo survey check -Marlboro flask and bandanna - one free pack of tide laundry booster - Entertaining book win by Peggy Post

May 3 -10 dollar amazon GC

May 4th -shopping bag and post it notes magnetic calendar for attending a yogurt webinar .

May 5th Fab over 50 win book the menopause makeover by Staness Jonekos

45.00 survey check

May 6th -50.00 visa gift card from one2one network -this was a win for a campaign I did for them -Rachael ray dog food sample-head and shoulders sample-20 amazon gift card for cash out in valued opinions -May 6th was a good day :)

May 7th - 2 tubes of Roc advanced night cream for shespeaks 12 week challenge - 2 nice tea samples .

May 9th 5.00 survey check

May 10th -Long sleeve t shirt to test for Agion sportswear (not a secret test) 3 coupons form Marlboro -one free coupon for and John Fredia hair color 12.00 value

5/11 degree deodorant sample -facebook freebie

5/12-gather chat win book -Sending Rupert Home by Tracy Fabre - one coupon for a free suave professionals product (I tried the dry shampoo)

5/13- 1 zantac sample and the book The daughters walk by Jane Kirkpatrick from blogging for books

5/14- received 10.00 survey check from Socratic

5/16- 120.00 worth of menopause formulas from At Last Naturals from Dn busters blog contest -purex sample - Sandy sent me some fossils from her hikes , thanks Sandy !

frosted mini wheats with fruit sample including a buy one get one coupon values at 3.45

5/18-book sneeze book - The Seraph seal by leonard Sweet and Lori Wagner


Things that should come in soon -

Free sweet potato fries from facebook

PT for a hair product

gather cash out for a 25.00 pay pal - its already been 21 days :(

My survey sending a PT for a cosmetic makeup product

hand sanitizer from a blog win

250.00 check for a focus group I completed last Friday

50.00 visa gift card from a focus group and pt I did this ones late

Natural instincts free hair color product -facebook

10.00 amazon gift card from My survey cash out

Magic wallet from L&M freebie

a book from a win on gather hot Spanish Nights

Glidden paint sample

those are all the bigger ones I'm expecting by the end of the month but I do not write down the really small one so that list is probably a lot longer.

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