Friday, May 27, 2011

Book Review The Daughters walk By Jane Kirkpatrick

The Daughters walk By Jane Kirkpatrick
I was able to read this Novel through blogging for books .

This is the historical story of Clara Estby life set at the turn of the last century 1900s . The story starts out with the historical walk that her and her mother took as a wager for the fashion industries new reform dresses . This wager was that Clara and her mother would walk from Spokane Washington to New york city with out the aid of any help along the way . They had to support there journey by selling portraits of themselves and taking in laundry and such .

 Clara did not want to go on this journey as she was employed in a nice serving position and did not think that the wager would pay off , but upon her mothers insistence that the money won from the wager would save the Estby Farm perilously close to foreclosure ,Clara relented and went with her mother . I do not want to say any more about this part of the story because it would spoil the book for you .

 The perilous journey is only half the story ,because upon coming back to Spokane, Clara and her mother are not greeted by a loving and happy family as tragedy has struck as well in the time they had been gone. Family member were sure that If Clara and her mother would have stayed home, as good woman of that time did these tragedy would not have happened .

 As a result of the reception that Clara got upon returning home she made the decision to continue her walk alone and into the world she went . The is the story of Courage in the face of terrible odds and a family ripped apart by hasty decisions.Its also the story of how Clara found her own way and in the end found some peace with a family reconciliation .This is not a story of truly happy endings , Thought the walk is historical fact the story of Clara is historical /fiction as the writer had to peace together what happened to Clara through her walk and life . This book is interesting and often sad but will give you an idea of what life was like to be a woman in the 1900s .

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