Saturday, May 21, 2011

Book Review-Here ,Home Hope By Kaira Rouda

Book review -Here ,Home Hope By Kaira Rouda
I just finished this fantastic and totally relatable book titled Here ,Home ,Hope by Kaira Rouda -I received a copy of this lovely book through one2one network .
while reading "Here ,Home Hope" I found my self laughing a lot and seeing myself in this story . I could especially relate to the authors need to grow old gracefully and really had a laugh when I found out that ,like her I also purchased a face scrubber when I saw one to may lines popping out on my face ! I am also a beauty sales persons dream come true and ,yes Sephora is one of my weaknesses as well as other beauty websites and stores when I can affor it .
I cant not tell you how many things in this story I could relate to .This story had me laughing at myself and at the same time making me feel like I am not the only woman out there who is floundering around trying to ,feel good , look nice and find a new "self" while getting older .
Here ,Home Hope is a must read for any woman who has reached the stage in her life where the kids are doing their own thing and we feel the call to reinvent ourselves as we approach and progress through middle age . A time when our children are not making as many demands on our time ,and now that time is something we have ,,how to put it to good use .What to do that would take us from our desperate housewifery to becoming something we always wish we could be or do .
As we start the journey we see women who have it all together and who have awesome and glamorous dream jobs and careers and we think , now why cant I do something like that . What can I do ? how do I get started ? how do I stop worrying about it and get moving in the right direction or moving at all . What is it I'm good at and how can I use my strengths to start doing something I am passionate about .
I thought about one of my friend, who after her children started high school she found out she had some time on her hands to figure out what she wanted to do.
She did not want to work at any old job BUT but work at something she loved . So My friend opened up her own wine shop because she loved wine and knew a lot about it ,so she turned her hobby and passion for wine into a lovely and unique wine and cheeses shop.
Of course not every woman will have the resources to do this but I believe there are many ways a woman can turn her talents and gifts into a wonderful and fulfilling occupation with the proper motivation and "Here ,Home Hope " offers us this motivation and lots laughs as well .
Bottom line -
Here ,Home, Hope is one woman's journey of how to reinvent herself while facing the changes and challenges that come with approaching middle age and how Family and friends can help support us in our quest to realize our dreams and passions .
its filled with humor and promise . I really enjoyed this book and would recomend it to any woman of any age

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