Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ask a Farmer! Food Dialogues answers questions about your foods production

Ask a farmer New website called Food dialogues, it answers questions about your foods production in a new way. One to One network and the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance asked me to spread the word about a fantastic new website where you can actually ask a farmer questions on how the foods you buy every day are grown and raised.

For those of us wondering about our meats and produce this is a great was to find out first had from the farmers and ranchers the ins and outs of the food production business. On Food Dialogues you will lean very valuable info and be able to ask your questions to the very people who are responsible for growing and producing you daily grocery's.

I know I have a few questions and I think this new tool will help me make informed decisions about what I'm buying and from who.

Get answers to the tough questions – How are farm animals treated? What are farm animals fed? What are genetically modified crops? How does farming impact our natural resources? And can this impact my food?.

all you have to do to get started is follow this link to this website and ask away.Food Dialogues

you can also join them on Facebook
where I encourage you to like the page

I found one of the really informative videos they did on you tube so I thought I would include it in the post so you can get an idea of how well done and helpful this Food Dialogues can be.

don't forget this is way more that just reading and looking at the videos you can ask your tough questions and get real answers here so you can make healthy decisions for your family's health and meal making.

Thanks for reading and Thanks One to One network for including me in on this awesome campaign

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