Saturday, April 7, 2012

Roots only review and video AND GIVEAWAY

I was so happy to be able to sample The Roots only applicator. I color my hair a lot and sometimes I just want to do the roots to save on damage. The Roots only precision applicator makes it so I can do my gray roots and not have to worry about doing my whole head of hair.

Some things I really liked about the applicator was first it cleans up really well as you can see from the video review. it looks like new and is ready to use for a lot more things than just hair color.

I really liked the graduated cylinder so I could measure out just the right amount of color to cover my roots. This saves money with hair color being around 10.00 a box you can get 2 uses out of one box by using the Roots only applicator.

I also loved that you can use this product to dispense root lifting gel in a really easy way making sure you get the gel on the roots to lift them as these products were designed to do.

because of the longer hollow comb points you can really get down to your roots with root lifting gel and not only make it more efficient but save time and money by not covering your whole head with a root lifting gel that's not going to work as well as if you got just the roots.

their are so many uses for this product and I also use it to apply a deep conditioner pack to the damaged roots and scalp and get a even distribution of the products I use. All In all I say this is a really useful and innovative product and a joy to use for all kinds of hair products . please have a look at my video review so you can see the product. Thanks for looking

You can buy Roots only here Roots Only
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I am now able to hold a giveaway for the Roots Only applicator I am able to giveaway 6 of these to my blog readers-USA only entries so if you would like to try one of your own please enter through the rafflecopter below

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  1. i think i would use it for color. have a terrible time with those greys...LOL. thank you for this giveaway

  2. I would use it for color. It would make it so easy!

  3. All I can say is Gray , Gray go away! This sounds perfect Lori. What a great video by the way.

  4. i love to use for conditioner and oiling my hair

  5. thank you just reply to your emAIL

  6. Patty Patterson -BraunApril 21, 2012 at 7:35 PM

    Thanks Lori. I was so excited to be chosen as a winner! Keep the great video reviews coming!