Friday, April 6, 2012

Parazul handbags for style for a lifetime

I was so blessed to have won the above Parazul handbag from a blog giveaway I wanted to let you see my review of it . as you can see its really lovely and very functional. I really Love the style and features.

one of the things I really like is the weight its leather but not as heavy and some of my other bags are which is good because I get some back pain caring a really heavy handbag.

the first thing I noticed were the 2 outside pockets where I can store things safely that are needed quickly like my favorite lipstick or balm and a compact . this way I'm not shuffling through the bag looking for them they are right their in one of the 2 outside pockets .

these pockets are deep enough to hold securely a cell phone, ipod or other items of that size its really nice that this awesome handbag has these pockets.

The really nice thing about Parazul handbags is they can be customized with different charms and scarfs. Mine came with the ones you see in the photo but many are available to give each bag a different look.

Parazul sells different charms in different themes and scarves to go with them . They have bags of different styles too. You can view the different bags and bag accessories here.


I cat tell you how much I love my new Parazul handbag the inside is big enough to fit all my things with really nice pockets to put stuff in. I am so happy I won because this Handbag will last me a lifetime and because of its customisable style I can change it up for different seasons or reasons.

The Parazul handbags are very very well made and just so lovely I hope you get a chance to go over and look at what they have to offer on the website.

This blog win was such a blessing and it made my entire month I am so thankful to Parazul for offering it and giving me the opportunity to win this handbag of a lifetime. :)

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