Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nutella Hazelnut spread review and video

I was able to try Nutella Hazelnut spread Through Ferrero USA recently and wanted to do a review for it because I know people are wondering about it. First let me say I got a chance to have my friends and family try this great product and everyone without exception really loved it.

One of the things that really surprised me was how good it was, very chocolatey but not so chocolaty to give me a headache which a lot of chocolate products can do. I had no problem with it. I also did a video review for this which I'm pasting here so its easier to view. I also took a photo of some of the appetizers I made for my friends and family so they could try some of the wonderful different way you can use it. I made a bunch of different things with it but they were gone so quick I only got a picture of the appetizers lol

here are some way you can also use Nutella

Try it on a whole wheat bagel and slice some strawberries and bananas, place them on top of the Nutella spread and enjoy .

I also love it on pretzels its really tasty

or its, also great on a waffle with a bit of coconut and strawberries . their are so many ways to make a great snack with Nutella .

we made Nutella Smores which were a big hit with the kids , Mary and Tiffany just cant stop eating them . all you do is get a graham cracker , add nutella and than spread on some marshmallow from the jar on top and you have a quick smores like snack!

I also like to use Ritz crackers to make smaller portions as shown in the photo . these are great as a snack, just spread Nutella on a Ritz and add a banana or strawberry slice or both .

For a breakfast wrap grab a whole wheat tortilla spread Nutella on the tortilla add some dried cherries and chopped apricot , roll up to eat on the go .

Nutella has 50 hazelnuts in each jar along with some skim milk and a hint of coco . it does not contain hydrogenated oil or trans fat and is low in sodium. Nutella does not contain peanuts .

I loved this product so much I thought it worthy of a video review . That can be found here or on youtube

anyway all I can say is its a great tasting product that will make eating whole wheat breads so much more tasty for you and your family . . thanks for looking at my review for Nutella

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  1. I still haven't tried Nutella but it sounds so good!