Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Unjunk your junk food book-Healthy alternatives to conventional snacks review

I was able to paticipate in this helpful campaign through Naturally Savvy's blogger program. I was sent a copy of the awesome book Unjunk your junk food-Healthy Alternatives to conventional snacks by Andrea Donsky and Randy Boyer. Here is what I found

first this book has so much information in it, its scary. Its very well written and has so may wonderful qualities for helping you make well informed decisions about which snack foods to use and buy and why.

The main thing I took away after reading this is I need a lot of help in making these decisions.

I was able to find in this book the products I use with pictures and if its good for us or not. This book made it so easy to find different snack foods and side by side compare them with other products that are better for you.

One of the scary 7 I had in my pantry was a snack food I thought was healthy but had olestra in it. This product said fat free and though it shows no fat Olestra is not good for you and this is clearly explained in this book.

The Biggest surprise I discovered was that one of my favorite Jellybeans has caffeine in it, I did not know that!

The other thing I really loved about Unjunk your junk food-Healthy Alternatives to conventional snacks was all the helpful ideas added to each page, I hope you get a chance to look at the video because seeing what I mean will help you understand how the book works and is presented.

Snack foods are categorized by type and as you go through the book you will see a popular snack food on the left page and one on the right, the left page is the bad choice and that's clearly shown. Their is also an explanation of why its not a good choice. On the right page you will see the alternative choice and why its better.

I also loved that below the good choice product their is a helpful bit of information on each one or a Savvy Fact these little bits of the other informational tips provided are really interesting and I really will be putting a lot of them to use and remembering them for the future.

These words of wisdom range from the differences, health wise, between table salt and sea salt and how to make your own D.I.Y body scrub. I really found the D.I.Y ideas really cool and very valuable and you will find many of these here along with detailed info about new things like Acai berries.. So much work went into creating this book that everyone concerned about the health of their snack foods should have a copy.

With chapters like

The key to unjunking

back to basics nutrition

The worst Ingredients, and Others, Each chapter deals with they kind of snack food like chips dips and party food to cakes, chocolate and soda and every kind of snack food in between.

There is also a really comprehensive list of websites that can help you find more info in the back of the book. So with all that being said I found this book to be a Superior way to help anyone make really informed decisions regarding snack foods of all kinds.

Here are some links for you to visit to find out more about Unjunk your junk food-Healthy Alternatives to conventional snacks. Naturally Savvy Unjunk your Junk food
And you can go over to Naturally Savvy
for more info on what they do, who they are, and why they can be very helpful to you in your quest to make the more natural choice for the health of your family. Thanks for reading My review:) Here is the video for it I did


  1. I already read this Cooking book. I found lots of varieties of junk food recipes and make the all kind of recipes. Its very helpful to me.

  2. You do really good reviews. Much more thorough than most I see.
    This book sounds like one of those full of surprises and lots of good info!