Saturday, December 25, 2010

Update on the L'Oreal Youth Code skin care... | Gather

I have been trying out the New L'Oreal Youth Code skin care system that I received from the Vogue Influencer network recently, as some of you know, and now that I could try it out for a while I have some first thoughts on it .


L'Oreal Youth Code makes for an awesome night routine ,I use it at night because it has no SPF in it (see cons below)

L'Oreal youth products smell wonderful and for me provide a spa like experience because of the fresh lemon like sent , it very calming .

These products work well together ,they are very easy to use

Hydrates very well all through the night.

my skin looks great in the morning very fresh .

very pretty packaging that looks very professional .

I love the slanted metal applicator on the eye cream , it makes for easy application and is nice and cooling


The L'Oreal Youth Code day /night cream does not have a sunscreen

I have had some problem with pilling or flake off if you try and apply a product over the cream and serum- This is why I'm using it as night routine because even my regular sunscreen or my foundation will cause it to pill or flake off . Since I cant go anywhere with out some sunblock or sunscreen on in Florida I am only using it in my nightly routine .

OK Updating this info about the pilling and flaking I found a sunscreen that does work well with L'Oreal youth code .I had tried to use my tinted moisturizer from olay with this but that caused pilling than I tried other olay sunscreens to no luck but I found 2 that work well one is aveeno sunscreen for the face and the other is the neutrogena liquid sunblock . both of these do not cause any flaking . I also found out that using a mineral makeup over the youth code also did well . I'm not sure about other foundations or tints because I can only test what I have but at least I can wear it during the day now .

Now. All that being said, I do love the way it works overnight- I use the serum and than the cream and finish with the eye cream . In the morning my face really looks nice , I have no baggy sleep eyes and my skin looks really fresh and firm like I had a overnight facial . I was actually surprised that I could see such a difference in the morning and I had to do a double take because in the morning my face is usually a bit saggy and the tone is off or sallow and my pores seem large but not so while using these 3 products . My skin wakes up as fresh as a daisy .

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