Thursday, February 21, 2013

Agave Wholesome Sweeteners review

I was able to try some of the great sweeteners that Wholesome sweeteners makes with Agave. I found these to be very nice and easy to use . They come in all kinds of flavors. I really like the maple and the cinnamon. You can use the Cinnamon flavor in sweet potato's it saves a step and I think that the flavor of the agave brings out the sweet potato very nicely.

Wholesome Sweeteners Blue agave syrup, is an all natural Low Glycemic sweetener that's great to use in place of sugar in drinks and cooking. Its a bit sweeter than normal sugar so you can use less of it and get the same taste. I really liked using mine in cooking. I added it to sweet porato's and to my Mu shu vegetable dish I make. Because its a syrup it works really well in food prep and blends in really well with foods.

I did have a bit of problem finding the different flavors but I used some of the small packet samples I was given to share with my group, just so I could try the different flavors. I did find the Blue agave and the raw agave at Publix in the sugar area on the top shelf but those were the only choices they had at this time.

As I said I got to try these with my friends and family and the company sent me many samples to try with them. Some of my group is on the fence about it not being sure about how to measure it into a recipe. That being said I found that I just used a bit less than normal sugar would be recommended . I can tell you its so worth trying if you ever make sweet potato's.

I did a video review so you can see what these would look like in the store and I hope you have a look at it thanks for reading my review, for more info have a look at the Wholesome Sweeteners website HERE


  1. My daughter uses these whenever she bakes and cooks. She has replaced pretty much any sugar with these. She loves it

  2. I've been wondering about the Agave sweetner - I'll have to see if its available in our local store.