Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Survivor Filter Personal Water filter Review

Welcome to my review for The Survivor Filter Personal Water filter . This is really a fantastic personal water filter for emergencies or for fun activities. It is so light and easy to carry way lighter than a bottle of water that will not last you very long on a hike or jog.

This is about the size of a standard flashlight yet 50% lighter than one . it lighter than a canteen and will provide you with way more water than anything you would want to carry with you on a hike or jog.

The Survivor Filter Personal Water filter use 3 different filter so you will be able to drink water from any fresh water source. Its easy to use and you can also use it with a water bottle by filling up the bottle with lake or stream water , screwing it on to the bottom of the filter and than drinking it from the spout.

You can also just put the end of the filter in fresh water and drink directly from the lake or stream as you can see from the photos I took that were provided in the instruction booklet .

I think this is a fantastic filter to have regardless of whether you are a camper hiker or survivor enthusiast. Its light, portable and has 3 different filters to insure you will be drinking healthy water.

The filter are a Mesh pre filter -a Medical grade ultra filter and a carbon filter, you cant find a safer filter for your survival needs.

I did a video review so you could see the filter and how to works it I hope you have a look at that below you can find this to buy through this link

The Survivor Filter Personal Water filter

Here are some photos taken from the instruction booklet so you can see what I mean.

Here is the video review

I received a free sample in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own Thanks for looking

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