Monday, June 15, 2015

A Heart’s Betrayal Series: A Journey of the Heart By Colleen Coble Review

Welcome to my review for A Heart’s Betrayal Series: A Journey of the Heart By Colleen Coble. I received a free copy from booklook bloggers so I could do this review .

First the good news is that it a nice Christian Fiction book and it take place in the time period I like.

The bad news is its only about 92 pages long and the story does not finish. Even reading the back of the book description lets you beleive that you will have some kind of completion but you dont get that. its almost like reading a sample of a book rather than a whole book.

I have read some short books in my day and they usually have an ending and as I got closer to the end of the book I was thinking well I cant see where this is going. I know its a series but gosh this coast 6.99 and for that you get really nothing to show for your money.

Im not giving a bad review for the story Im just thinking that for that kind of money it should have some kind of ending just incase you cant run out and buy the next installment for yet another 6.99 apparently this is book 4 but I never got a sense that I was coming to the story in the middle.

I think these should all be put in one book and set a reasonable price on them because if you figure out your spending almost 7 bucks per book and there are 6 installments, well that's a lot for a story .

Im glad I did not have to pay for it because Im on a budget and I would have been very unhappy thanks for reading my review

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