Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mighty Plugs: World's Finest Ear Plugs Review #MightyPlugs

Welcome to my review for Mighty Plugs: World's Finest Ear Plugs. These are very different than the ear plugs I was using I only got a sample of 2 plugs and from that I can tell you that they are very moldable

These are made form the natural ingredients of pure beeswax. These would be fantastic for someone who works around loud noises because the foam ear plug do not really block out that much noise.

I use ear plus to sleep because and little noise will wake me up. I have been using ear plugs for about 15 years. I found these to be efficient and they really block out the noise of just about anything.

The only thing I did not like about them is that while sleeping my hair tended to stick to them a bit because I have longer hair.

If you work in an industry that is very loud and you want something to protect your hearing than I would recommend these for that.

The company send me a free a 2 plug sample to try, they are reusable so thats good as well. You can find them to buy through this link

Mighty Plugs: World's Finest Ear Plugs


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