Monday, September 21, 2015

Havepaws chicken Jerky treats for dogs #havepaws

Welcome to my review for Havepaws chicken Jerky treats for dogs, These are really different they are smaller pieces for smaller dogs and make for a wonderful treat. Tucker my dog loves them they are more crunchy that other jerky treats and come in a nice bag you can re-close.

Here is what the chips actually look like new from the bag.

Made with real chicken and free of Gluten and Grain they are healthy and all natural.They do make different kinds I was able to try the chicken kind because Tucker loves chicken.

My dog always has to have something to chew on so Im always getting him different treats , what I love about these treats is they will satisfy my dogs need for a treat with out being so big that he neglects his dinners. The package I got was 4.oz and has quite a few chips inside.

Havepaws makes a lot of different things I hope you have a look at the website and see all they have for you pet.They also make cat treats!

You can find them through this link


If you are looking for a very healthy yet very fun treat for your dog or cat than I hope you give them a try soon thanks for looking at my review I received a small bag free in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own thanks for looking

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