Monday, October 12, 2015

IPets Dog Training Collars with vibration not shock

Welcome to my review for the pet training dog collar I got to try for Tucker. You may be asking just why I would need this collar so Ill start there.

Tucker was a stray dog and he sometimes does not walk on a leash as well as he could. He is constantly going after snakes,birds and other wild life and trying to chase things like this into the yards of my neighbors. He does not listen to me at all once he gets it into his head to do this but would rather choke himself on the leash to do what he stubbornly wants to do.

As Tucker gets more use to walks he seems to be getting harder to walk because he wants what he wants and no amount of my calling, him stomping my feet, or pulling the leash will break him out of his goal. In florida this can be a real hazard because we have many snakes around where I live.

I wanted a dog training collar that was not a shock collar I Love my dog and would hate to see him hurt so when I asked to review this pet trainer it was because its one of the few with strong vibration and not shock.

Im very happy to report that this collar works exactly as I wanted it to, once Tucker gets into one of his zones where he refuses to even hear me calling to him, I can press a button on the wireless remote and it starts vibrating and Tucker jumps back and leaves alone what ever he was after. I think he thinks the vibration is a bug or bee and he quickly continues on to the walk no worse for the ware.

This collar has helped me a lot there are so many things in florida that can hurt my dog if he decided to go after it and let me tell you if Tucker wants to go after something I'm not strong enough to stop him.

This is truly like a safety net for my dog and makes our walks a lot more fun.

This collar has many functions This product is the most humanized pet trainer. It has two modes of sound and vibration and different strengths of vibration, the remote and collar are rechargeable and easy to use. The remote clips on to a belt or pocket and all you do is turn it on and press a button for it to vibrate.

I love this collar because it keeps my dog safe in spite of his desire to get into trouble.

I did a video review for this product you can see that below and you can find this pet training collar at this link

IPet dog training collar

Here is the video review

I received a free sample in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own thanks for looking

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