Monday, November 2, 2015

Gecko Active Backpack review

Welcome to my review for the awesome gecko Active backpack I got to try I received the sample free but I did have to pay for shipping which was 7.99 .

I really love this backpack because its very sturdy and well made , it has a lot of pockets and places to put stuff so you will have everything very handy.

As you can see from the photo its a large Backpack with 2 zippered compartments in the front and when you open the one closer to the top their is an inside zippered compartment to keep pens and smaller things in place.

On the side you have a mesh holder for a water bottle and 2 zippers for the larger compartments. one is really big and the other just a bit smaller. You will be able to fit a lot of things in this Backpack and because its made so well it will last and last.

This would make for a really good backpack for School or hiking its light weight so you will be able to pack it up and still carry it comfortably. This Backpack is made of really strong sturdy material yet lighter than if it was leather I really think its a great Backpack. This one comes in several colors so you're sure to find the right one for you

You can find it to buy through this link

Gecko Active backpack

If you are looking for a nice Backpack to have for yourself or give as a gift I sure hope you consider getting one thanks for looking at my review

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