Monday, November 23, 2015

Emjoi Micro-Nail Buff & Shine Manicure Kit Review

Welcome to my review for Emjoi Micro-Nail Buff & Shine Manicure Kit. This kit is a real time saver it will shine and buff nails for a beautiful natural look in just a few seconds and comes with everything you need.

What I love about this product is first its made by a fantastic company that really knows how to make reliable products, I have reviewed Emjoi before and Love them.

Second I am terrible at taking care of my nails, I use to love keeping them longer and polished but now its harder to do because I am working more with my hands and using harsh chemicals to clean with so polish is just to much a hassle for me.

I do like my nails to look nice and polished and it use to take me quite a while using a fine file and than a special buffer to get the same effect as I can get with the Micro nail from Emjoi.

Even though I like to keep my nails shorter, because of all the typing I do, I do like them to look clean and nice but I really do not want to spend hours doing that. With the Micro Nail my nails look fantastic and Im done in a flash.

Here is a photo of a before and after I took from the back of the box, I really tried to take a photo of my own nails but my camera is really not good at taking macro images so they came out to blurry to really see the difference so here is a photo for you for reference.

I think this product would make for a great gift and you can find it to buy through this link

Emjoi Micro-Nail Buff & Shine Manicure Kit

I also did a video review so you could see packaging and size of the unit its small enough to take with you and comes with 2 smoothing wheals and 2 buffers .It runs on 2 AA batteries so no cords will get in the way. I hope you have a look at the video review below thanks for looking at my review

I received a free sample in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own .

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