Thursday, June 2, 2016

Dailey Builders Of St Augustine Fl Review

Welcome to my Review for Dailey Builders Of St Augustine Fl. We seriously had to get our Bathroom remolded. The House is older and after we got the septic system fixed and they dug up the back yard the Bathroom floor started to sink a bit.

Their was so much wrong with this bathroom that we finely called Dailey Builders Of St Augustine Fl to see what could be done with it.

The whole Bathroom Floor had to be taken out and everything from bathtub to toilet had to be replaced . These guys at Dailey Builders did a fantastic job if you could see what the bathroom looked like before they started you would be amazed at the professional and quick job they did.

I did not take photos of what the bathroom looked like before the work was started Ill just say is was not good.

I can show you what it looked like when they were ripping out the floor, I took some photos because I just looked at that Giant hole in the floor and thought Oh My Gosh thats a total mess, But wait till you see the other photos of the finished project. Here is a photo of them taking out the floor the tub and toilet are already removed but you can still see the shower back wall with its way out dated pattern.

As you can see these poor guys had to get right into that mess and get it ready for a new floor which is a huge deal and had to all be built by hand

Now, have a look at what my beautiful bathroom looks like, its truly a work of art and amazing!

I think anyone needing construction work done in St Augustine fl should give Dailey Builders a try they are fast, friendly,and Thorough. I love my new bathroom and Im am happy to do this review for them

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  1. Looks great! I know they appreciate the huge shout-out!