Friday, September 9, 2016

Blake's pot pies review

Welcome to my review for Blake's pot pies . as you can see in the photo the turkey pot pies got devoured before I got the photo so what you see are what I have left. These are so good ! I like them especially the turkey and chicken but the Shepard's pie was also just so tasty.

The chicken,Turkey and beef are like a regular pot pie with the only difference being that the crust is only on the top not the bottom , this was actually the only complaint I got about these from my friends who tried them.

The Sheppard's pie and chicken and dumplings are in a square bowel and are a bit smaller but just as tasty. I liked all of them they are a great price and cook up nicely but that being said I ONLY cooked them in the oven I do not know how they would be in a microwave.

The reason I cooked them in the oven is because its been my experience with pot pies that microwaves tend to dry them out and you can loose a lot of gravy if they bubble over. I always cook any kind of pot pie in the oven , it takes longer but is worth the effort .

You can find these at publix grocery stores in the frozen foods section on the top shelf by other frozen pot pies. I hope you give them a try soon .

I received free samples in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own thanks for looking

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