Friday, September 9, 2016

Smart Stuff sunscreen review

Welcome to my review for Smart Stuff sunscreen . This is a fantastic broad spectrum SPF Sunscreen that's really safe for your body as well as the environment.

I like that you get a large tube of this so you will have enough for a while and its easy to use and put on . Its also Reef Safe Biodegradable and Eco friendly.

I like that its a non whitening formula I so hate it when I put on a sunscreen and it turns my face as white as a sheet , this one is a lot better it will go on a bit white but absorb quickly and is non drying

The one is water resistant to 40 min but you need to reapply after about 2 hours to be sure you have all the protection you need in the harsh sun.

Smart Stuff uses only natural mineral based sun filters so its really very natural and a great way to be protected from the sun .

I live in Florida and let me tell you I need a sunscreen year around. I have to walk my Dog and I get lots of sun damage from doing it . I like this sunscreen and think its a great buy .

You can find all the info you need about Smart Stuff products through this link

Smart Stuff

I would have love to have reviewed their bug replant because we have so many bugs here, Thanks for looking at my review I received a free sample in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own thanks for looking

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