Saturday, December 10, 2011

Book review Healing is a choice by Steve Arterburn

Healing Is a Choice 10 Decisions That Will Transform Your Life and 10 Lies That Can Prevent You From Making Them By Steve Arterburn. I received this book free through book sneeze for review.

I wanted to do this review, because I saw that the book also came with a built in work book and it looked interesting to me from the description. I seriously hate to give a less than positive book review but this book did not offer much in the way of being uplifting and positive.

Just reading the intro and preface left me with a concern about the author and his belief system. His ideas are that basically that God will not heal you unless you have a group of people praying with you about the problem.

I have found this NOT to be my experience. I am very much alone in my walk with Christ because their is no one in my family who believe much of anything. I have friends who are Christians and they do pray for me if I have an especially deep need and just cant pray for myself for some reason but this is more the exception rather than the rule.

I pray, and I daily get my prayers answered. Miracles happen to me on a daily basis, so Im not sure why the author feels like prayers would be hard to get answered unless a group of Christian's were praying together.

As a result I found this book to just not be for me. I was concerned about the author's view about his marital problems in the intro and I just cant think of anyone I would actually recomend this book too.

I often tell my friends and family to pray for their needs to be meet buy the Lord, I do not say , well make sure you have a whole bunch of people praying for you or don't expect an answer. I truly believe, that all I do need is to bring my requests to God in prayer and he hears them.

The first chapter of this book is- The First Lie- all I need is God to help me heal- So the author goes on with what he feels are Lies. What he calls Lies I call faith, so that was why I could not give this a positive review. I believe one of the greatest gifts of the holy spirit is faith, we exercise our faith through prayer. Im not saying its not a wonderful thing to have close Christian fellowship and people to pray for you and with you, Im just saying that God hears us regardless of of how many friends we have, and I just cant see God saying, I don't have time for your prayers ,come back when you have a few more friends to pray with you.

Well thats my review ,Im really sorry I could not find much to like about this book but the whole thing made me feel like my individual faith was worthless in the eyes of my father and I know thats not Truth.

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  1. It was interesting reading your review. I totally agree with you that one's faith can help one see miracles in one's life. I have never felt that I need to be praying with a group to have my prayers answered. I have faced serious challenges in my life with the most difficult one being the loss of my identical twin in 2008. While others prayed for me and I have received a lot of support from family, friends etc. my own Christian faith has helped me immensely. Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend.