Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Brahmin Handbags and accessories what an awesome company

I just had to do this blog post to let you know what an awesome company Brahmin is. As most of you know they makes beautiful Handbags and accessories,that are as durable as they are lovely and unique.

I was fortunate enough to have received a very special Sample of These stunning products Through The Vogue Influencer Network last spring. I received the Brahmin Anytime tote in white. Here is a photo.

I have been in love with this handbag ever since and use it daily. Its roomy and just about as lovely as it can bee with to cute pockets on the inside and awesome leather detailing on the outside as you can see.

receiving this was the total highlight of my Spring and summer season.

Now, The reason I am even more impress by Brahmin is that a few days ago I got a package from them. I was supper surprised because I did not order anything, being on such a tight budget this year. So Im wondering what could be in the box. Well to my surprise, The awesome people at Brahmin had decided to send me a Christmas gift of not one but 2 Stunning purses from the Rory Line. These little purses are so cute I just had to show you so here is a photo.

Because Of the generosity of Brahmin, I am now able to send one of these to my daughter in law as her Christmas gift from me. They also included a beautiful card that was signed by the owner. How cool is that! What an awesome company they not only made my Spring and Summer but have now Made my holiday season so much brighter because I have a lovely gift to give that would not have been possible with out their generosity. Thank You Brahmin, not only because of the care and craftsmanship you put into your Handbags But because you made my Holiday season a happy one :)

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