Thursday, December 8, 2011

Check out the new awesome Rugby Ralph Lauren line for winter

Check out the new awesome Rugby Ralph Lauren line for winter Just filled with beautiful clothing and accessories.

As a Vogue Influencer I get to know about new Fashion and beauty and make sure my readers know about it to. I just love these unique and stylish items from Rugby and am so excited to blog about them so with out further ado here is some info and photos of these beautiful new peaces

First one the list is the totally outstanding Rugby Ralph Lauren Wool-Angora Cardigan Coat

This heritage-inspired wool knit boasts a Fair Isle pattern at the oversize spread collar and hem. Although meant for the outdoors, you’ll find it has a special cozy-up-on-the-couch potential.

Second bit of coolness is the Rugby Ralph Lauren Penywern Cadet Jacket

This is a must have this year so you can really make a fashion statement. I love the color and cut. Here is what Ralph Lauren has to say about it

Here at Ralph Lauren we proudly give our salute to chic military-inspired fashion with our rendition of the cadet jacket, featuring crest-embosses buttons, a banded collar and requisite epaulets in a tailored feminine silhouette. AWESOME Is what I say LOL

now how about a hat so comfy and unique that you will want to wear it everywhere this winter. I personally love this hat but than Im a hat person and generally love hats but this one is so unique your sure to make a strong fashion statement wearing it.

So Brave the cold in this super-chic satin and shearling trapper hat—a favorite style to keep you warm and winter-blues free Rugby Ralph Lauren Satin & Shearling Trapper Hat

Last for the stylish Girl who has everything, how about some Rugby Ralph Lauren Pointelle Arm Warmer's. A bit like leg warmers but so cool you will just have to make them your own, I think these are a really nice and warm way to keep those arms warm and be fashionable at the same time.Here is what Ralph Lauren has to say about them

Here at Ralph Lauren we’re mad about pointelle, so we tailored open-worked knit arm warmers for super-chic results.

so bottom line is head over to the Ralph Lauren section of your favorite store and check them out, Try them on and be super stylish this winter. Thanks for reading :)

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