Friday, March 23, 2012

Awesome HHMI science DVDs available now free lots and lots

I have been getting these materials for years now and I love it when the holiday lectures because available as they are today. The newest one is Bones,Stones,and Genes . This is a DVD with lectures and other interactive features. These are always free to order and very very well done .I use them for my continuing education in the sciences/medical dept. I like to keep up with new things even if Im not still working in the field.

These are awesome for continuing education, home schooling or anyone interested in science and biochem. Here is a link to The Howard Hughes medical institute (HHMI) catalog of free things. These come fast and are all free. HHMI Catalog of free science stuff

These are college level studies but they do have lots of other stuff like work books and things you can use for any kind of education in the sciences.

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  1. What an awesome site! Thank you for sharing it. I've bookmarked it and will be going back.