Monday, March 19, 2012

PHILADELPHIA Indulgence Review

I was able to try this through Kraft first taste and I just love it . I know the suggestions for using it are for things Like fruit and pretzels and thats awesome too but I found a way to use this that really tasty

As most of you know Scott has been making a lot of brownies and cookies. He makes the plain brownies because he does not like frosted brownies. I found that if you spread PHILADELPHIA Indulgence on a plain brownie or pound cake you really get a very rich treat. It spreads real easy on both and is very rich and creamy. I also liked that this comes in individual cups so you can just use the small cups on what you want and not have the whole container opened.

these little cups are great for taking in a lunch or on the go and have enough in them to cover what ever you want. I also found out that PHILADELPHIA Indulgence makes for a really nice spread on townhouse crackers for a snack . if you have not tried this yet I hope you give it a try soon because its really a great product.


  1. Now this sounds like just what I need. No not need maybe want ;) Yep that is more accurate! I will for sure be looking for them!

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  3. I still haven't tried this, but I'm with you... it would be amazing on Brownies

  4. This is genius. I have 3 tubes of Indulgence I got on sale and I have had no clue what to do with them. I did a google search and found this blog post. Now I can't wait to make some brownies and try this out. Thanks!!