Friday, March 30, 2012

Summer activities and fun in the sun

So now that summer is on the way and we are all thinking about what fun stuff we can do this summer I was wondering what everyone's plans are for the season.

I belong to the Nescafe Tasters club and they were wondering about the same thing. so I thought I would ask all my friends and followers what your plans are for this spring and summer season.

For me I will be getting out the camera and dusting off the video cam to see what wild life I can film in my area. This is my most favorite thing to do in spring and summer.

Here is one of the films I did one summer showing the deer that are everywhere where I live

and another one of a really cute squirrel eating the seed we put out for them.

Oh and here is a really cute film of the birds making a nest on the umbrella box we kept on the porch.

So for me it will be an opportunity to see some interesting animals and plants as well as swimming,cooking out and generally having a great time in the summer sun. A member of @NescafeUSA Tasters

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