Thursday, January 17, 2013

Claritin-D product review

I was able to try Claritin-D through bzz agent and got a 10.00 off a 10 count box. I had tried Claritin for my allergies before and it really dose work well , the only bad bzz I have about it is cost, gosh its pricey but it dose work well and I did not have any side effects from it so that really good because some others can really make you sleepy.

This Claritin-D has to be purchased at the pharmacy counter, so that's where to find it. I thought it worked very well to relieve congestion and keep my eyes from watering, Its also very good for post nasal drip, I did not have any bad side effects from using it but you would need to check with your doctor to see if its OK for you to take as some people on meds or who have BP problems have to check with the doctor first. I have always had problems with my sinuses and I did not have to wait for a cold to try it my nose is stuffy a whole lot of the time anyway.

I think this is a really great product for any kind of cold symptoms and it will really help you get through a cold nicely. That all being said I so wish it was a bit cheaper to buy, I got the coupons but I would not normally pay this much for a OTC cold remedy.

Anyway the bottom line is Claritin-D will work nicely , it did for me and it should do well for you too I hope you give it a try with your next cold or congestion problem. Thanks for reading my review :)

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