Saturday, January 26, 2013

Moring Star Farms BBQ Riblet review

I was able to try the Morning Star Farm Riblet through bzzagent , I got a free coupons and went to the store to see what I could find. Being a total meat lover I was not sure what to expect. I saw they had BBQ Riblets and thought that's the one for me. I was really amazed at how much like meat this Riblet tasted, in fact I defy you to try it as see if you can really taste the difference. I found it to be a really great tasting 100% vegan food that was only 210 calories and packed with flavor.

I had not ever tried a 100% vegan food before even though I thought it would make for a nice low calorie dinner. I have seen these all over the grocery stores and had been tempted but never had the nerve to give them a try. Thanks to bzzagent I was able to try the Riblet and will buy it now. I know its better for me and low in calorie and I know that it will satisfy my taste for meat.

This Riblet has 210 calories, is 100% vegan and has no cholesterol but has 16 g of protein. all that is great when you can eat it and really think you are eating meat.

I did a video review for this Riblet so you can see packaging and hear my thoughts about it I hope you have a look at the review video because it reflects how I feel about this awesome product. Thanks for looking :)

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