Thursday, January 24, 2013

Just Like Jesus By Max Lucado review

I was able to read Just Like Jesus By Max Lucado through book sneeze and I really loved it . This is such a great book and Max is really at his best and most helpful.

I Have read many a book by Max Lucado and they are always so good and so uplifting that I re-read them all the time. Just Like Jesus By Max Lucado is going to be one I treasure always.

What I really like about Max is his ability to really get to the heart of an issue and apply humor to it in a way we can all relate to. This book as 12 easy to read chapters and at the back of the book each chapter has questions so it doubles as a work book.

Each chapter helps us understand how we can be more like Jesus and how its important to rely on Jesus and his authority to help us do this. My very favorite chapter is titled The greenhouse of the Mind : A Pure heart. I loved this chapter so much because I could really relate to the problem of facing things like guilt or other thoughts that try and steal our joy in the Lord. I am applying what I learned from this chapter and its really helping me a lot.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants disparately to grow in Christ and for those looking for a group study book. All the questions in the book make for a better understanding on how to really get the most out of each chapter, its a really complete Christian Growth book. I am so happy I got to read it and I'm so Happy Max Lucado wrote it. Thanks for reading my review of Just Like Jesus By Max Lucado.

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