Monday, December 29, 2014

Discipleship by J Heinrich Arnold review

Welcome to my review for Discipleship by J Heinrich Arnold Living for Christ in the Daily Grind . This book is like a study Devotional. it is set up like a scrapbook of inspirational sections of letters and sermons from J Heinrich Arnold.

It is like a devotional because you can read the authors advice that was given to each person or through a sermon and it comes together nicely .

Their are a lot of these in this book and sometimes you might find them to be a bit harsh as I did, but that does not make it any less valuable in content.

Personally I think this book would be a wonderful gift for a pastor or someone in seminary, it will teach them how to respond to some of life's difficult questions from hurting people.

It has many an encouraging moments and makes for a nice study devotional. I received a free copy from handle bar to make an informed review thanks for looking

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