Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Easy@Home TENS unit for pain management

Welcome to my review for Easy@Home TENS unit for pain management. I have a lot of pain in my lower back that runs down my leg I have tried the pain rubs and patches for this problem and though some of them will work on other problems,so far only this TENS unit has worked on this problem.

First I have to say the Easy@Home TENS unit is so easy to use. You can use both channels or just one depending on how big an area you need to treat. The pads attach to the electrode wire's and plug into the top of the unit. You than place the pads that stick to the skin in the area you would like to treat.

Next you select the treatment you want to do and the Easy@Home gives you a lot more choices than others . You can choose intensity and speed or if you like choose a auto program. If you would like to use one if the 3 functions instead you have 3 different setting to use.

I really love the massage setting but it also has settings for Beat and knead. The auto programs are listed really simple They are





sole (for the foot) please have a look at this close up photo

The channel power intensity goes up to 10,I like mine around 5 or 6 , you do not want the intensity to be to painful.

Treating for me takes 15 mins and I do this up to 2 times a day and when its finished my pain is gone and its awesome.

I did do a demonstration video review for this one because I wanted you to see how easy it is to work with . The Easy@Home device is very nicely priced for any budget and it runs on 4 AAA batteries. I hope this video review will answer any questions you might have but first here is a link for you .

Easy@Home TENS unit

Here is the video review and demo

This is what the storage box looks like

I received a free sample in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own thanks for looking


  1. Hi, Lori, Just watched your interesting video on Amazon, and then, came to your blog. I, too, have sciatic pain, in my lower back, and running down the outside of my left leg, including my ankle. I noticed, that there is no setting for the back on the unit, so my question is, what setting do you use? I'll look forward to your response. Thank you.

  2. What I do is place the pads on the lower back on the side my pain is and than set the machine to massage . it works for 15 mins . This setting is the best for me and works well thanks for asking

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