Monday, January 26, 2015

BOLD Organic PepperoniPizza review

Welcome to my review for BOLD Organic PepperoniPizza . I got a free coupon in order to try this awesome pizza and I really love it for so many reasons.

First Its Organic and has lots of great flavors to choose from, the crust is so good its like fresh baked bread and the spices and sauce are wonderful.

This is a newer product so I could only find one flavor at my Publix Grocery store but they will get more in Im sure .

On the web site you will see may different kinds and Im sure you will love them as much as I do .

Here is what they look like taken out of the box

This is what the pizza looks like ready to eat they cook in just 12 mins and are so good and filling you will love them

As you can see you get lots of toppings I hope you give them a try soon. I found mine at Publix but they will be having them at Grocery stores nation wide soon if not now so keep an eye out for them and give them a try . You can find out more about these awesome and tasty Pizzas at this link

Bold Pizzas

Thanks for looking

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