Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Quality Home Flavor Infuser 20oz tumblers for on the go review

Welcome to my review for Quality Home Flavor Infuser 20oz tumblers for on the go . These are just so handy and cool.

What you can do with these is make you own flavored water drinks. You can do this very easy by putting fruit veggies and herbs into the detachable basket. Than you just fill the cup with water and you do not have to worry about to many seeds and pulp getting into the water.

Each Tumbler comes with a detachable infuser basket, a color coordinating straw. The lids ,Infuser baskets and straws all have the same color.

I wanted to show you how these looks while its working, so what I did was got out one of my flowing teas and put it in the basket with hot not boiling water so you could see this clearly .(I also show this on the video )

As you can see the infuser is keeping the flower tea from mixing into the water , sometimes seeds or little petals will fall loose from the tea flower so this infuser keeps them from mixing with the main body of water.

I do not use boiling water with these, just hot water, you really do not want to burn tea with to hot a water anyway.

Now you can use this for fruit, herbals,and veggies to make your own flavored water. Or you can take off the basket and just use it as an on the go tumbler for any kind of drink, Each has its own straw so they are going to come in really handy for spring and summer.

These are double wall insulated as well so that is just really nice.

These are top shelf dishwasher safe, and PBA free. they stay secure and works so well I love them. I received a full set of 12 and this is a photo of the set with the straws.

I also wanted to show you a few in a close up so here is that photo

I thing the video review will answer any questions you might have so I hope you get a chance to see it as I demonstrate how to use these really useful Tumblers.

First you can find these to buy at this link

Quality Home Flavor Infuser 20oz tumblers for on the go

Here is the video review

I received some free samples in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own thanks for looking

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