Monday, July 20, 2015

Dial Rewards program review

Welcome to my review for the new and awesome Dial rewards program. I love these kinds of groups because you can easily earn point for all kinds of benefits.

I signed up and with in a few mins I had 3500 points which I can apply to sweepstakes where you can win any number of prizes its fun and really easy.

Some of the activities are Watching short videos , Taking short surveys and other fun stuff.

I really like it and its really easy to work with. you get 50 points just for signing in each day. the sweepstakes are really nice to you could win 1000 dollars and they have other sweeps to put your points into.

Sign Up is really easy and you can get started earning points right away . I hope you join not only for the sweeps but because in the short videos you can really learn something as I did watching one of them.

You can sign up quickly through the link below and please copy this code in the box at the top of the website so I can get credit for referring you the code is 1T00Z. Thank you

Dial Rewards website

Thanks for reading

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