Friday, July 31, 2015

iProven Forehead and ear thermometer review

Welcome to my review for iProven Forehead and ear thermometer. This thermometer is fantastic as it give you the best of both worlds , you can use it as a forehead thermometer so as not to disturb your patient or you can use it as an ear thermometer.

This thermometer is both fast and accurate, it is small enough to take with you in a diaper bag or back pack and will be great to keep in your emergency medical kit.

I love the ease of use and all you do is push a button and you get a reading each function has it own button. some of the other features are.

20 reading memory recall

Fevery warning


One second measurement time

This product would really be great to have for new mothers because babies can run a lot of fevers and because you can check by ear or forehead you can let sleeping children sleep.

This unit is a lot smaller than others which makes it the perfect tool to take with you if you need to or to just keep handy for all you tempature taking needs.

It also comes with a nice pouch to store it in and runs on batteries.

If you are looking for a fantastic Thermometer for yourself or to give as a gift I hope you give iProven a try

I did a video review so you could see how it works so I hope you have a look at that below .you can find this to buy through this link

iProven Thermometer

Here is the video review

Thanks for looking I received a free sample so I could make an informed review but my opinions are my own.

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  1. I had an ear thermometer that I loved that died and then tried a forehead thermometer that has been very unreliable. So it's great to know about this one!