Monday, July 27, 2015

Gourmet Gifter Box review

Welcome to my review for the really special and tasty Gourmet Gifter Box. These care boxes can be sent to yourself or to a family member needing a bit of cheer in their day.

I did a video review of the unpacking which is below so you can see just how well packaged and all the goodies you get in a box.

The first thing I had a look at was the salty sweet addiction healthy advantage kettle corn. This pop corn is 100% natural Gluten free , low sodium, low calorie. As you can see you get a full size bag.

Next is the really wonderful PurEarth meal replacement bar, this is a really nice size bar for on the go eating or to use in place of a meal. This bar is not cooked or heated its cold pressed so none of the nutrients get degraded . Its very healthy and tasty.

Next are some all time favorites like the chilli cheese puffs and the big helping of peanut brittle.

I think this box would make anyones day it would be great to sending off to a college student or maybe someone out of town for a while. It also makes for a very tasty and healthy gift for any occasion.

It is packaged very well and when I opened the box everything was in perfect order.

What I did was do a video review of me unpacking the box and to show you size of each product. this is a full sized sample box so you will be able to really give the individual items a good try. You can find them through this link

Gourmet gifter website

They have so much to choose from on the website it would make shopping for a nice gift easy and fun

Here is the video review

I sure hope the next time you want to send a loved one a care package you give Gourmet Gifter Box a try

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