Monday, March 7, 2016

Mystic Chic potted eyeliner review

Welcome to my review for this awesome eyeliner I got to try from Mystic Chic makeup. I have to say that I love it for so many reasons one its in a form I like . This come in a pot and you use the liner brush with it to make smooth and lovely lines.

I like using this kind as I did use a expensive department store brand before but mine got to hard to use well so I was happy to try this one. I like to put eyeliner on the inside of my lower eye lid , because I thing it makes my eyes look better bit that tricky because most eyeliners will not stick to the inside lower lid or they will burn like crazy.

I found that Mystic Chic potted eyeliner is easy to work with will stay where I want it to and will not burn or make blury my eyes, That alone make it a keeper because so many of my eyeliners will not perform as well.

I do have a tom of eyeliner pencils and that OK for the upper lid but pencil liners rarely will stick and stay on the lower lid they end up smudging or just disappear after a few hours. Mystic Chic potted eyeliner will stay fresh looking well after application and is a joy to use.

I did a video review for this product so I ope you have a look at it you can find it to buy through this link.

Mystic Chic potted eyeliner

Here is the video

I received a free sample in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own

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