Friday, April 1, 2016

April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month

I was surprised to learn that April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month but I think its a great idea so I thought I would post about it and let you know some of my ideas and send you over the link to Bil-Jac's tips about how to keep you pet safe this summer.

I have a wonderful first aid kit that I can use for me and my dog, the one thing that should be included as an extra for dogs is a styptic pencil which could come in handy to stop bleeding if your dog gets a nail snagged on something while running around or if you cut their nails to close to the quick. Here is a photo of a very complete first aid kit you can keep on hand for just about any emergency.

Sometimes if your pet is out doors for extended period of time and or if you live in a hot buggy climate like I do it might be a good idea to invest in an otoscope to check you dog or cats ears for mites. These instruments are not expensive and are really easy to use . if you find Mites or fleas in the ear you could than take appropriate action. I have one that runs on batteries and look like this.

Summer time can be a time of fun for you and your pet but accidents do happen so I hope you get ready for them just in case .

Some other great tips are Keep your vets number on had and know the location by heart so you can get there quickly . Also its good to have an alternate vet just in case your usual vet is to busy or out of town. As you can tell I a just in case kind of girl. You can find all kind of other tips on the web page that Bil-Jac created for pet awareness month through this link

Pet First Aid Tips

I wanted to do this post because its important information and anyone who loves their pet like I know you all do should take this month to get ready for an adventurous spring and summer .

I do have to say that because I am writing this post I will get a free bag of treats for Tucker so he is all happy about that part of it . Thanks for looking

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