Wednesday, January 29, 2014

General Mills New cereal Flavors review

Calling all cereal lovers I have some news for those of us who like to try new flavors from old favorites. For those of us who love chocolate this is going to be welcome news. General Mills has made a new Toast Crunch cereal now with Chocolate and a touch of cinnamon. This one is so good! I think its a great edition to the General Mills line of flavors.

The next New flavor is Mulitgrain Cheerios dark chocolate. If you love Cheerios be sure to give this new flavor a try because its filled with chocolaty goodness and really makes breakfast a treat.

The next new flavor is Fiber One with Protein this kind I got to try was Cranberries and almond. Its packed with protein and so good for you.

Whats really great about all this news is that a sale is now going on at Target for these cereals that will help you save some money and be able to try them.

I really love the Chocolate Toast Crunch flavor. Its so chocolaty and turns the milk chocolaty as well. I have to say this one is my favorite. These new flavors are all really great and will be sure to please Children and adults alike. I hope you give them all a try soon, since their is a sale on the at Target stores.

So be on the look out for this sale and stock up while you can because these are sure to be a new family favorite and with how good they are don't not expect a box to last very long so stock up.

You can find out about these and other General Mills cereals here at this link. General Mills

If you love Chocolate or if you are wanting a very tasty new Fiber one, I hope you give these a try. I did a short video review so you could see packaging and now what to look for thanks for looking.#HelloCerealLovers

I was provided samples to try these new flavors through Plateful Co Op and General Mills but my opinions are my own.

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