Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Awakening Faith By James Stuart Bell book review

Welcome to my review of this really unique daily devotional book Awakening Faith By James Stuart Bell. What makes this book so unique is you will get to read the writings of some of the funding fathers of faith. I never ever though I would be able to read this wisdom from people like the Venerable Bede or Augustine. This book has a different devotion for each day and they are unlike anything you have ever read in a devotional.

This book would make for a wonderful gift not only for the Christian reader but also for the Christian Scholar. Its really hard to find a book with all these different authors in it and their timeless wisdom.

This book comes in sturdy hard copy with a attached book mark and a lovely cover. If I were to give a gift of a devotional to a friend or family member this is the book I would choose not only for the ancient Christian wisdom in it but because its just so different than other of its kind .

Awakening Faith By James Stuart Bell, is a great book that I hope you get for yourself and for others will than be able to find writings from the Christian leader of the past all in one place .Thanks for reading my review :)

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